The Psychopomp in Mythology

The Psychopomp in Mythology

In the midst of my audits into the Gods and Goddesses of various pantheons, I found such an extensive number of equivalent considerations in culture after culture. The one that stuck in my mind was the psychopomp, which implies a God or other powerful Being that is responsible for the vehicle of the souls of the dead to the Afterlife or the bootleg market (dependent upon the myths). I thought it was captivating that such an expansive number of social orders have delegated a Deity to a such a specific part. Additionally, I basically think the word psychopomp is impeccable.


In this pantheon, the God that escorts the souls to the Underworld is the jackal-headed God, Anubis. He is every now and again saw as the God of the Dead on this record, be that as it may it is Osiris who truly leads in the Underworld, Anubis just transports the dead. Once at the entryways of the Underworld, it is in like manner Anubis who measures the heart of the lapsed against the crest of Ma’at to choose a soul’s worth.


Since a critical piece of the Roman pantheon is a copy of the principal Greek, I’m lumping the two together here. The Greeks assumed that it was the God Hermes who wandered out with souls to the Underworld. The Roman version would be Mercury. I expect this is reasonable as Hermes/Mercury was seen as the agent of the Gods and He accepted the piece of errand-child in various myths. Some ought to consider Charon to in like manner be a psychopomp, as he was the individual who disregarded on souls the stream Styx. Regardless, I mull over going inside the Underworld rather than go to it.


According to Norse myth, souls were not assembled by a Deity, but instead by the Valkyries. The Valkyries were truly a whole assembling of animals instead of a singular one. They were women who flew on horseback, dressed and equipped for the battle to come. Flying over the cutting edge, they picked the imperative dead and took them to Asgard and Odin’s passageway, Valhalla. The name “Valkyrie” is deciphered as ‘Chooser of the Slain’. They ride in packs and many are given specific names in Norse myth.


Like the Norse, Vodou myth does not have a lone being that expect the piece of psychopomp. Or maybe there are a social affair of spirits, known as the Ghede. Also like the Valkyries, some Ghede spirits are known by their individual names. One particular Ghede is Baron Samedi, who is the loa of the dead. The shades of the Ghede are purple and dull, and current pictures of them are of sharp looking burial service executives with reflected shades.


Among the Celtic Gods, the individual who had the errand of escorting the dead was Epona, generally called the stallion Goddess from the Gaul region. Right when the Romans assaulted the Celtic territories, they held the adoration for Epona accordingly of their friendship for stallions and their mounted constrain. Next to no is alluded to about the part Epona played as a psychopomp, yet the position was surely hers.

Dull English Folklore

I thought I would incorporate one more. Sparrows are a run of the mill psychopomp in various individuals stories and stories. They would incorporate the place of a lessening individual and hold up to snatch up their soul when it endeavored to escape.

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